We need your help to expand to more areas. Why?  Because we want the best for your children, too.

Started in Union County Ky in 2009, It has since expanded into Butler, Danville/Boyle, Dawson Springs/ Hopkins, Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Davies, Henderson, Lincoln, Livingston, Marshall, Mayfield/Graves, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Union and Webster Counties. At this time we also have one location in Saline County, IL. Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet is a program developed to help remove one of the stumbling blocks to optimum school performance. We hope to make students a "HAPPY" student thus becoming a better" LEARNER". We are working to provide a new pair of shoes to every student identified in need by the Family Resource Youth Service Center Coordinators at each of the schools. We are a nonprofit group that is funded by donations and fundraisers. You may donate by mail to Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet Inc. co Jerry Baird 1020 State Route 56 East Morganfield KY 42437

Happy Feet Presentation

My name is Jerry Baird, and I am a retired coal miner from Union County. I would like to

introduce you to a program named "Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet.”.  Happy Feet was

created in 2009 in Union County and has grown rapidly. After providing for over 450 kids in

the first year and over 700 the second year it will benefit more than 4000 kids this year.

We are now active in 17 locations. We consult with school administration and Family Resource

Directors to determine the need for a particular area. After we decide to establish a program,

the next step is to find a group of volunteers to help with the fundraising. Donations are the main

source of funds, though some locations mix in yard sales and bake sales. Grant writing has recently

become available. A separate bank account is maintained in each county to insure a separation of the funds.

 Health of a child is a top priory of the program. Another goal of this program is to remove a stumbling block to optimum school performance. Not having basic personal items can distract a child from performing well in school. A new pair of shoes can help build self-esteem. A new pair of shoes may stop bullying. We attempt to improve a child's perspective about attending school by providing them with a quality pair of athletic shoes.. A "Happy Student" becomes a "Better Learner" The students are chosen with input from the FRSCY Coordinators, Principals, Teachers and Guidance Counselors at their respective schools. By sharing of information with other organizations we attempt to hold duplication of services to a minimum.  Shoes are delivered at various time of the year as determined by the local committees. Start of school and Christmas  are main delivery times, funding is also maintained to provide for emergency situations. A Face Book page has been created to provide information from the counties and take donations online

In closing you can see I don’t have a magic formula or a super business model to make this work. Finding people with a passion for helping children and willing to work is the key.

Jerry Baird---Organizer   

Happy Feet Narrative
April 5, 2012 at 11:44am
Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet Inc.

Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet Inc., ("Happy Feet") was formed to meet a growing need and

to remedy the problems associated with it. Happy Feet 's organizers saw that children were increasingly attending school with worn tattered footwear that didn't sufficiently protect

their feet from the weather, didn't fit properly, and didn't provide enough structural support

for the activities in which the children participated. A sad byproduct of this footwear

deficiency has been distracted, uncomfortable children with poor self esteem.

Happy Feet directs its efforts and funds toward lifting these children by providing them a

new pair of shoes. In the long term, Happy Feet hopes to address other needs, in addition to

footwear, and to help adults as well as children.

Happy Feet is active in sixteen (16) school districts in Northwest Kentucky. At this time each

area served by Happy Feet has a group of volunteers, committee members who organize in

fund raising activities.

Each school district served by Happy Feet is INDEPENDENT from the others, and the funds raised from each district remain in that area to serve the local student needs. Schools within each district identify the students in need and work with Happy Feet to coordinate the delivery of the footwear to them.

Happy Feet expects to provide over 4000 children with new footwear in 2018. As Happy Feet's resources grow, we plan to expand into new areas, to serve new partipicants, and to meet the needs of even more people.