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Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet, Inc.

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Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet, Inc.
c/o Jerry Baird
1020 St. Rt. 56E
Morganfield, KY 42437


Shirley Hendrix
P.O. Box 296
Clay, KY 42404

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100 Pairs - $3000
50 pairs - $1500
10 Pairs - $300
1 Pair - $30

Thank you for your support!

Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet, Inc. (Happy Feet) was created in 2009 by Jerry Baird, a retired coal miner from Union County. His goal was to

remove one of the stumbling blocks to optimum school performance for the students of Union County. Not having basic personal items can distract

a child from performing well in school. A new pair of shoes can help build self-esteem and reduce teasing and bullying. Through Happy Feet we attempt

to improve a child’s perspective about attending school by providing them with a quality pair of athletic shoes. A “Happy Student” becomes a

“Better Learner,” thus the name “Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet.”

Since its creation in 2009 the Happy Feet program has grown rapidly. We are now incorporated and 501c3. The corporation includes Boyle/Danville,

Caldwell, Carlisle, Christian, Crittenden, Daviess, Graves, Henderson, Hopkins Co./Dawson Springs, Livingston, Marshall, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Union,

Webster, and Woodford counties. We also have programs in Logan County/Russellville, who operate independently. The program provided shoes for

450 students our first year, 700 the second year, and is projected to grow to 5,000 students in 2016.

The Happy Feet program has been expanded through the efforts of volunteers in each of the counties served. They are responsible for coordinating

and fundraising efforts in their areas using individual and business donations, yard sales, bake sales, raffles, and other activities as sources of funding.

Several programs have been successful in procuring grants for their programs. The Happy Feet program has established an accounting system to

maintain separate accounts for each of the counties. This assists with tracking both the funds raised by each county and the purchases of shoes for

students in that area. Funds raised in your area will help provide the less fortunate children of your community with one more tool to help them

succeed in school.

As the program continues to expand, we are becoming aware of different ways to identify where the need lies. In some counties, students are chosen

with input from the Family Resource/Youth Service Center Coordinators, principals, teachers, and guidance counselors at their respective schools.

Shoes are provided throughout the year as determined by the local committees. The start of school and Christmas are the primary times when shoes

are distributed and some locations provide shoes for graduation programs. Funding is also available to provide shoes in emergency situations.

The Happy Feet program is utilizing several methods to promote the program including this website, newspaper articles,

radio coverage, brochures, t-shirts, decals, and a Facebook page. For more information and updates about the program


are invited to join the program’s main Facebook page (Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet.) Several of the counties have


own local Happy Feet page as well.

                        Jerry Baird
                        (270) 952-2006 • jbaird45@bellsouth.net